Accurate, realistic and reliable scheduling is a critical part of construction management. WOLNSKI provides oversight and experience to anticipate problems, identify delays and offer solutions. WOLNSKI utilizes the Critical Path Method (CPM) of scheduling using current software including Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project.

Initial Setup of the Master Schedule is prepared by WOLNSKI based on input received from the Contractor, Subcontractors, Vendors and Suppliers, Owner and any others involved in the project. Activity Input forms are distributed to all parties to assist with the collection of activity descriptions, durations and activity logic. Following the collection of activity data, WOLNSKI will submit a rough draft for review and approval. A final Master Schedule will then be prepared and distributed.

Schedule updating is performed during Progress Meetings held on a regularly scheduled basis. During Progress Meetings, WOLNSKI will facilitate with discussions and conduct a thorough review and analysis of the project schedule. Current information is incorporated into the schedule. Adjustments to the schedule are analyzed, reviewed and approved in the meeting. A Progress Report is then issued typically within 2 business days following the meeting.

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