Progress Reports

Prior to each Progress Meeting, a WOLNSKI scheduler will walk the job and note progress made since the previous Progress Meeting. During the Progress Meeting, WOLNSKI will facilitate with discussions and conduct a thorough review and analysis of the project schedule. Current information is incorporated into the schedule. Adjustments to the schedule are analyzed, reviewed and approved in the meeting. Following the Progress Meeting, a Progress Report is issued to the project distribution list. Each Progress Report includes the following:

  • Attendees List / Email Distribution List of those in attendance at the meeting and prior meetings and a list of individuals designated to receive the Progress Report via email.
  • Meeting Notes to document important issues discussed during the Progress Meeting and to summarize current job status.
  • Progress Photos to capture the overall condition of the project.
  • Updated Schedule incorporating current information.
  • Action List used to document and track important items to be addressed or completed by a certain date and by a certain responsible individual or company.
  • Logs and/or other documents as provided by the General Contractor.

Click here for an example report